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Our GDPR governance approach can be applied to meet data management challenges such as requests for information, consent and the right to be forgotten (GDPR §3 and §1, Article 30). - our know-how and experience can help rapid implement focusing on key objectives.

Project implementation


Each customer introduction is to be seen according to the customer's specific needs, the general topic and context. With our projects, we use iterative processes and waterfall models. For the introduction of MOM projects with the EBX tool suite, we have created a method that specifically targets the characteristics and potentials of TIBCO Networks EBX.

Operational support


Operations are always divided into two main strands - technical and applicational. Depending on your abilities and wishes, InitS will create a customised service model.



Inits can offer a cost-efficient operational solution tailored for specific needs with cost efficiency in mind with alternative offshore components to keep service management costs on advantageous level.

EBX Development


Our team can help you enhance or develop completely new EBX based solutions and services specifically tailored to customer requirements

EBX Test


We can help you to achieve this with our expert team. Possibly an offshore team provides a cost-efficient alternative. Our team has a proven track record in EBX testing and can also help your company leverage this process.