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Our goal

We see the need to continuously redefine the value of data, related managing processes and solutions to administrate them. Data volumes, complexity and the way to consume is changing rapidly. Centralized solutions get exchanged for decentralized ones and later back to concentrated entities.


We listen to the customers to ensure we keep evolving with the changes and our solutions with it.

Our team for many years been active part of development of both products and custom solutions for data management with focus on

Master Data management

  • Custom Enterprise Architect Repository

General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR 

  • "Right to be forgotten"
  • "Right to be notified"
  • "Right to rectification"
  • "Right to process"
  • "DPO, data protection assessment"

Data lifecycle management

  • EBX based joint data management with focus on workflows
We are ebx front runners helping ebx 6 adaptation

One of our primary assets is our Tibco EBX know-how, which we demonstrated through multiple projects providing solutions which been in production for years. We are able to provide EBX based services from "trunkey projects" to resource-based contractors.